GESPS Choir in Hong Kong Disneyland

Gan Eng Seng Primary School’s Participation at the

2012 Winter Choral Festival,

Tsuen Wan Auditorium & Disneyland Hong Kong

3 to 7 December 2012


Between 3 to 7 December 2012, 34 of our GESPians participated in the 2012 Winter Choral Festival held in Hong Kong. The Winter Choral Festival is designed to provide an educational and positive music learning experience for developing choirs.

Through the band concert presentation, adjudicator’s workshop, sight-seeing in Hong Kong, Performance Arts Programme in Disneyland Hong Kong (where our Choir sang and performed for an international crowd at the Park) and the Gala Dinner (where our GESPians had the chance to be up-close-and-personal with Mickey & Minnie Mouse) scheduled over the 5-day-4-night festival programme, our GESPians’ choir members were elevated to a newfound level of artistic creation-and-appreciation.

Our choir was evaluated based on: stylistic performance: fidelity to score, artistic expression, interpretation and style; overall artistic impression: choice of programme and presentation; technicality: diction, dynamics, rhythm and intonation of the choir; and vocal quality: tone, balance and blend of the choir. Our Choir received a Silver Award and was also presented with one group Disneyland Performance plaque, one group photograph and personalized certificates for all GESPians’ participants. This is truly an once-in-a-lifetime, meaningful and rich learning experience for all GESPians’ choir members.


GESPS Brass Band in Hong Kong Disneyland

Gan Eng Seng Primary School’s Participation at the 2012 Winter Band Festival,

Disneyland Hong Kong

27 November to 1 December 2012


Between 27 November to 1 December 2012, 36 of our GESPians participated in the 2012 Winter Band Festival held in Hong Kong.

The Winter Band Festival is designed to provide an educational and positive music learning experience for school bands from primary to college level. This is aimed at enhance school’s ensemble's learning curve through workshop, performance and adjudication at one of the world's famous park, Hong Kong Disneyland.

Through the concert presentation, adjudicator’s workshop, school exchange with Riverain Primary School (HK), sight-seeing in Hong Kong, Performance Arts Programme in Disneyland Hong Kong (where our Brass Band played for an international crowd at the Park) and the Gala Dinner (where our GESPians had the chance to be up-close-and-personal with Mickey & Minnie Mouse) scheduled over the 5-day-4-night festival programme, our GESPians’ brass band members were elevated to a newfound level of artistic creation-and-appreciation.

Our Brass Band received a Gold Award and was also presented with one group Disneyland Performance plaque, one group photograph and personalized certificates for all GESPians’ participants. This is truly an once-in-a-lifetime, meaningful and rich learning experience for all GESPians’ Brass Band members.


PSLE 2012


We congratulate all of our 2012 Primary 6 GESPians for realising their potential and achieving their personal best at the 2012 PSLE Examinations. Through the loving care and teaching by our dedicated teachers, all of our P6 GESPians had been holistically nurtured and developed through their 6 years of primary school education in Gan Eng Seng Primary School. On behalf of all staff and current GESPians, we wish all of our 2012 Primary 6 pupils all the best as they embark on a new chapter of their life in secondary schools.

“Today I am proud of Gan Eng Seng Primary School,

Tomorrow Gan Eng Seng Primary School will be proud of me.

With our hearts, with our minds,

the Future’s for Us”


GESPS’ 10th Anniversary Celebrations


Visit by Sir Michael Barber

School Visit by Sir Michael Barber,

Chief Education Advisor & Author of Oceans of Innovation

On 17 November October 2012, Sir Michael Barber, chief author of publication “Oceans of Innovation: The Atlantic, the Pacific, Global Leadership and the Future of Education” paid Gan Eng Seng Primary School a special visit.

Sir Michael Barber is a leading authority on education systems and education reform. Over the past two decades his research and advisory work has focused on school improvement, standards and performance; system-wide reform; effective implementation; access, success and funding in higher education; and access and quality in schools in developing countries. Sir Barber recently joined Pearson as Chief Education Advisor, leading Pearson’s worldwide programme of research into education policy and efficacy, advising on and supporting the development of products and services that build on the research findings, and playing a particular role in Pearson’s strategy for education in the poorest sectors of the world, particularly in fast-growing developing economies.

Prior to Pearson, Sir Barber was a Partner at McKinsey & Company and Head of McKinsey’s global education practice. He co-authored two major McKinsey education reports: How the world’s most improved school systems keep getting better (2010) and How the world’s best-performing schools come out on top (2007). He is also Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Exeter. He previously served the UK government as Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (from 2001-2005) and as Chief Adviser to the Secretary of State for Education on School Standards (from 1997-2001). Before joining government he was a professor at the Institute of Education at the University of London.

During the visit, our Principal, Mrs Aw shared with Sir Barber and his team the school's philosophy and key programmes conceptualised and implemented to support our little folks in Gan Eng Seng Primary School. Sir Barber had the opportunity to interact with a group of Primary 2 GESPians who performed two items for him. He was generously writing notes for the little Primary 2 GESPians as they requested for his autograph. Sir Barber also visited the school's facilities and interacted with both staff members and other pupils. At our i-Studio, our pupil, Lucas Foo, had the privilege of interviewing Sir Barber one-on-one! In his interview, Sir Barber opined that there would not be a set of evergreen leadership skills that one can learn, but rather, more importantly, for us to remain open to learning, and be ready to un-learn and re-learn as the world around us is constantly changing.

Sir Barber also affirmed the good work of our school and applauded its teachers and leadership.  In his email to Mrs Aw, Sir Barber wrote “Thank you so much for your time and attention this morning. I learnt a lot from my visit to your school and found the staff, children and environment very impressive. I wish you and everyone there all the best for the future.” 


2013 P1 Orientation

2013 P1 Orientation


School Visit by Mr Saad Rizvi, Co-Author of Oceans of Innovation

On 23 October 2012, Mr Saad Rizvi, co-author of publication Oceans of Innovation: The Atlantic, the Pacific, global leadership and the future of Education paid Gan Eng Seng Primary School a visit. Mr Saad Rizvi is an expert on global education and an executive director in the office of the chief education advisor at Pearson.  Previously, Mr Rizvi was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he led innovation and transformation work for several companies and advised education systems around the world. He graduated with distinction from Yale University and currently provides guidance to several start-ups in the education and technology fields.

Mr Rizvi had the opportunity to experience first-hand what GESPians enjoyed daily.  Mr Rizvi and his team got to see our pupils singing, dancing, playing and learning in school.  Our guests also visited our bouldering wall, Arts Jam Corner, Spelling Point @ GESPS, Music Studio, CHAMPS Room, the Quiet Oasis, DNA Science Lab and our iStudio.  At the iStudio, our pupil, Lucas Foo, had the privilege of interviewing Mr Rizvi one-on-one! In his interview, Mr Rizvi affirmed the good work of GESPS and applauded its teachers and leadership.  He expressed, “Thank you for being an outstanding model to other schools and education systems around the world.”






GESPS 10th Anniversary Celebrations


Growing Minds, Touching Lives – Pay It Forward on 10 October 2012



School Visits to GESPS

Taiwan School Visit - On 25 Apr, the SAC Chairman, school leaders, teachers and esteemed school choir of Yu-Tsai Biliginal Elementary School paid GESPS a visit.  Not only did our school choir perform for our guests, the choir members of Yu-Tsai Biliginal Elementary reciprocated with 3 wonderful choice song pieces - much to the the delight of all GESpians present.  At the end of their visit, both schools united their voices in a shared Chinese song. It was an incredible experience for both schools.

United Kingdom Journalist - Mr James Bartholomew, a highly-esteemed UK author and journalist with The Daily Telegraph visited GESPS.  Mr Bartholomew and the staff of GESPS had a lively conversation about the what made GESPS so effective in supporting pupils and their learning.  He also visited different learning areas of the school and got to interact with pupils.

New Zealand Educators -- The Principal, Mr John Armstrong, and teachers Mrs Sue Strawbridge and Mrs Peg Eder, of Henley School, Nelson, New Zealand visited GESPS from 5 Mar to 9 Mar to experience first-hand how our GESPians engaged in learning.  Besides getting to interact with pupils and teachers, they participated in classroom lessons and even conducted some lessons themselves! Their sharing of how pupils in New Zealand learned in school was both enlightening and meaningful.  GESPS looks forward to collaborating with Henley School in the near future.

Hong Kong Disneyland Representatives - On 23 Feb, representatives from Disneyland Hong Kong, Ms Christine and Mr Keith, visited GESPS to watch the performance of our school choir and band.  They were much impressed with our GESpians' sterling performances and even invited our PSE awardees to join them at Disneyland Hong Kong at the end of year.


Engagement with Our Stakeholders

P1 & P2 Meet-the-Parents - Our GESPians' parents joined our teachers in their classrooms on 9 Feb and 16 Feb respectively to learn more about their children's learning experience in the lower primary. They heard from their children's Form Teachers about PAL, Holistic Assessment (HA), CCE, and STELLAR.  In addition, they witnessed first-hand lesson demonstrations on English and Mathematics so that they had a clear understanding of what their children were experiencing in school.

P4 Meet-the-Parents / SBB Briefing - On 12 Apr, the school conducted a briefing for all P4 parents and guardians about School-Based Banding (SBB).  Here, the school explained how teachers were guiding their pupils in their academic development as well as how the school would systematically assess and evaluate each pupil so that he/she would be allocated a P5 subject combination that best suited the learning needs of pupils.

P6 Meet-the-Parents / PSLE Briefing - On 8 Mar, the school briefed all P6 parents on the upcoming PSLE.  More than just advising parents on how PSLE scores were calculated and the selection of Secondary schools, the school shared how parents could partner with teachers to support pupils in their preparation for this national examination.

Parent Teacher Dialogue Session (Semester 1) - On 25 May, our parents and their children's Form Teachers met up for a time of sharing - a time to take stock of the learning that each GESPian had received thus far during this first half of the year. During this session, teachers provided feedback on each pupil’s progress as well as invited insights of each individual, so that, together, the school community would be able to develop all GESPians to their fullest in the next phase of learning in Semester 2.


Celebration of Learning

E-Learning Day - Our P6 pupils took their learning beyond the classrooms when they had their E-Learning and Home-Based Learning Day on 17 Apr.  On this day, our pupils remained at home and engaged in independent and ICT-enabled online lessons. Through the use of an Internet-connected computer and website portal, pupils  participated in structured online lessons and activities.  At the same time, our subject teachers were readily found online waiting to link up with their pupils.  For pupils who did not have access to a computer and Internet connection, they came to the school Computer Labs to do their E-Learning there.

Sports Carnival - The entire school gathered together on 9 Mar to celebrate Sports Carnival.  Here, our pupils got to enjoy physical activities such as Muay Thai, Hip Hop Fitness, Kickboxing, Touch Rugby as well as traditional games. Through this, pupils were given exposure to new sports and physical activities through a fun and enjoyable way.  Moreover, these activities provided GESPians opportunities to demonstrate values such as resilience, perseverance and cooperation.

P5 Camp @ Batam - Our entire P5 cohort of pupils spent 2  days in Batam, Indonesia, between 19-20 Mar to visit an orphanage and engage in community service to benefit the lives of the children there.  The objectives of this camp were to empower our GESPians to be engaged learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful contributors.  This camp was also to provide pupils opportunities to engage in service learning to help the less fortunate, create awareness and better understanding of the culture of the people they met with and to appreciate the differences from their own culture, to develop interest and know-how in service learning as part of GESPians' responsibility in contributing to their community and beyond Singapore.

Xihu Elementary School - In mid-Mar, a group of 28 pupils and 4 teachers travelled to Xihu Elementary School, Hangzhou, China, for a school immersion programme to experience first-hand how our Chinese counterparts lived and learned in China.  Our GESPians joined their new friends in their classrooms and participated in group activities as they learned and appreciated the unique culture, customs and practices of the natives.  In this immersion progamme, our GESPians also went on cultural and historical tours to appreciate the culture of the land which greatly enriched pupils learning experience in Hangzhou.

Earth Week @ GESPS - A host of activities were lined for pupils as we commemorated Earth Week in Apr - this year's theme being: A Responsible GESPian is a CHAMPion!  Through these activities, pupils developed a greater awareness of the importance of protecting and caring for the environment.  Besides attending an assembly talk on "Conserve water. Save the Earth", pupils also participated in games and activities in the school hall during recess as well as supported the Capitaland - Green for hope Project by collecting old newspapers and other recyclable items to raise funds for needy pupils.

Chinese New Year - GESPS celebrated CNY on 20 Jan as the entire P1-6 levels came together in the morning. GESPians were treated to a Lion Dance show and Chinese Dance performance as well as partook in the singing of CNY festive songs.  Pupils learned about the "History of the Dragon" and enjoyed the story cum performance by Tanglin Trust Primary School who joined us that day.  Our pupils also had an engaging learning journey within school as they learnt about Fried Nian Gao and learned more about CNY Customs and Traditions. In keeping with school tradition, GESPS invited our older folks from the nearby Henderson Senior Citizen's Home to treat our seniors to a meal as well as entertain them with song and dance in the school hall.

School Leaders Investiture - On 28 Feb, the Student Leaders of GESPS made a commitment and declaration to the school to be role-models and contribute to the school community as Prefects, Library Leaders, and Sport Leaders.  The parents of our Students Leaders were invited as they witnessed their children making the Student Leaders pledge.  The ceremony ended with light refreshments in the school canteen.

Total Defense Day - On 15 Feb, the school commemorated TDD through a host of classroom and outdoor activities as well as  participate in a school-wide Emergency Evacuation Exercise.  Our GESpians were on task, disciplined and appreciated the experience - understanding the importance of being alert and doing their part for the national's total defense.

International Friendship Day - Even though schools in Singapore celebrated International Friendship Day on 13 Apr, here at GESPS, we had planned a series of events and activities leading up to IFD to commemorate and celebrate friendship, tolerance and respect amongst the different nationalities in Singapore and at GESPS. In class, pupils were engaged in making friendship bands during FTGP.  During English lessons, pupils got to read aloud and discuss articles on staying connected.  During Art lessons, pupils learned about the significance and art and culture of kasot manek as well as had a hand in designing their own kasot manek.  Pupils also got to visit various booths (set-up by pupils themselves) that shared about the different cultures of 6 countries in Asia - Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, Indonesia and Philippines.

P6 Career Seminar - It is never too early for GESPians to explore the various professions that await them in the future.  The school community believes that such exposure at this year’s P6 Career Seminar would help seed a desire and ambition to pursue meaningful and society-centric jobs in the future which they are passionate about and committed to.  This year, pupils got to listen first-hand to various industry leaders in areas as entertainment, sports, aviation/service, and the arts.


Staff Learning and Engagement

Staff@CIP - On 10 Mar, the entire staff of GESPS took the Saturday to join our elder folks at the Henderson Senior Citizens Centre to join them in the day's activities and serve them as a community.  Staff were all hands-on-deck as they helped clean their homes, join them in games, participate in handicraft and celebrate the them together with a hearty meal.  In addition, prior to the day, the staff had collected food stuff to donate to the centre so that our seniors would enjoy the support of their community.

CCE Seminar - On the first day of the Mar holidays, our teachers came together for a time of staff professional development in the area of CCE. Mrs Aw launched the seminar via  video presentation on the importance of CCE in the holistic development of GESpians.  Teachers also broke into groups to examine and discuss how CCE could play a more significant role in their lessons and school programmes.

ICT Seminar - On 12 Mar, our staff came together to learn more about the use of ICT in teaching and learning.  From this seminar, teachers gained understanding of the evolving ICT landscape,  how ICT facilitated Self-Directed Learning & Collaborative Learning as well as learned about effective ICT tools for teaching and learning. Out ICT Mentors shared about tools such as Voicethread, Wordle, GoogleDocs, and Linot. At the end of the seminar, teachers gathered in their PLC groups to discuss how the use of ICT through SDL & CoL could be incorporated into their PLC projects for the year.

InnoTech 2012 - On 23 May, our teachers joined other colleagues from the South 4 cluster to participate in InnoTech Festia 2012 at the Singapore Science Centre.  At the festia, schools set up various booths to showcase the use of ICT and Innovation to enhance learning in the classroom. For GESPS, a booth on the innovative approach to teach about different cultures was set up. "In addition, a booth on the use ICT tools was set up to demonstrate how such tools facilitated Collaborative Learning and Self-Directed Learning in pupils.  Besides being runners-up in the Best Booth competition, our GESPSians also clinched all top 3 awards for the Sand Animation competition.


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