Highlights of 2014 

Cast of Wayang Boy Movie Visits GESPS




2014 Children's Day Celebration

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Teachers' Day Lunch Party for Teachers

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2014 teachersdaylunch 2

2014 teachersdaylunch 3

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2014 teachersdaylunch 4

2014 teachersdaylunch 5


National Day Celebration 2014

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Teacher Promottes and Long Service Awardees





GESPS Learning Fiesta 2014

GESPS Banner 2014

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P5 C Cube Camp 2014

At the start of Term 2, our P5 GESPians paid Khalifatullah School a visit.  There, our GESPians engaged the local primary and secondary school pupils through English, Math & Science lessons, as well as through friendly games of football and Frisbee.  OurGESPians also benefitted the community by helping them paint their newly constructed annex building.  The day ended with pupils presenting gifts which they had prepared earlier for the needy and less fortunate.  Besides learning to give to the community through these VIA activities, our GESPians also learned about teamwork through the team learning activities organised for them.

P5 C Cube Camp 2014 1

P5 C Cube Camp 2014 2

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P5 C Cube Camp 2014 5

P5 C Cube Camp 2014 6

P5 C Cube Camp 2014 7

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P5 C Cube Camp 2014 9


Staff Values-In-Action (VIA) 2014 @ West Coast Park

In the early morning of Saturday, 15 Mar 2014, the staff of GESPS gathered at West Coast Park to do their part to keep Singapore’s environment clean and green.   Working in teams, the staff donned gloves and armed themselves with trash bags, spending the entire morning clearing litter along the pathways and recreational areas. After much hard work, the staff took time to celebrate their bonding together through team activities. The day was capped with a scrumptious lunch for everyone.

VIA 2014 1

VIA 2014 2

VIA 2014 3

VIA 2014 4



The Healthy Lifestyle Fortnight had been one of the key events in GESPS since 2007 to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills required to adopt healthy lifestyle practices. It is a carnival-like programme over 2 weeks to spread the message of healthy living through 4 focus topics – Nutrition, Exercise, Managing Stress and Eye Care.

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Sports Carnival 2014

On 14 Mar 2014, the entire P1-P6 GESPian family came together for Sports Carnival 2014.  This was part of the school’s efforts to provide a holistic learning experience for pupils. Here, pupils were given opportunities to try out new sports and learning activities through a fun and enjoyable way.  In line with MOE’s intent for pupils to learn sportsmanship, fair play and experience a healthy pursuit of excellence, as well as nurture strong friendships, the school leveraged on this platform to highlight the use of sports as an important tool for the holistic education of GESPians. 

SportsCarnival 2014 1

SportsCarnival 2014 2

SportsCarnival 2014 3

SportsCarnival 2014 4


Pupil Leader Investiture

On 25 Feb 2014, a total of 240 pupil leaders comprising Sports Leaders, ICT Leaders, Library Leaders and Prefects across 3 levels (P4 – P6) were commissioned.  To mark this ceremony, newly-inducted P4 pupil leaders had their tie and collars pin put on by their seniors through this symbolic act.

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P1 & P2 Meet the Parents Sessions

To strengthen the partnership between the school and parents, our P1 & P2 teachers got to meet our P1 & P2 pupils’ parents on 13 and 20 Feb 2014.  Here, teachers shared about the various school programmes & activities, teaching approaches, and how parents can partner with the school to holistically develop all GESPians.

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P3 Programme for Active Learning (PAL)

Our P3 pupils were engaged in Programme for Active Learning (PAL) where they took their experiential learning outdoors as they learnt about teamwork and co-operation. 

P3 PAL 2014 1

P3 PAL 2014 2

P3 PAL 2014 3

P3 PAL 2014 4


Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014

GESPians celebrated the turn of the Chinese calendar year on 30 Jan 2014.  Besides enjoying the festive though CNY songs, stage performances and con-current classroom activities, the school, together with our School Advisory Committee (SAC) members also celebrated CNY with our Redhill community elder folks in this annual event.

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Dedication Ceremony 2014

On 20 Jan 2014, the GESPian family of teachers and pupils came together to celebrate learning at GESPS. Here, teachers from the various year levels were introduced to all pupils. The ceremony concluded with the staff taking the Teachers’ Pledge, thus reaffirming our teachers’ commitment to providing a quality education for all.

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Safety & Police Talks

To ensure a safe and conducive learning environment at GESPS, the school invited the Police to speak and share with GESPians on the laws of the land and how to protect themselves from danger & bad influences.  In addition, teachers also reminded pupils of the importance of being safe when they engage in various school activities.

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